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Announcing Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase Class of 2020

Dallas, TX, April 7, 2019 – STAXOS, a pioneer in bringing carrier API automation to commonly adopted enterprise IT platforms, today announced being selected for the Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase Class of 2020.

STAXOS was created in 2019 by Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry veterans who saw a unique opportunity to combine carrier automation with carrier channel initiatives to deliver exceptional customer experiences to the carrier’s enterprise clients.

Working with TEM firms, STAXOS enables automation through carrier API’s to replace the need for large back offices that traditionally “swivel-chair” wireless support requests manually on behalf of carrier B2B end clients.

“Our philosophy is to find the enterprise within their existing IT investments, such as their Telecom Expense Management platform, their ITSM platform, or their CRM platform,” says David Sonenstein, EVP at Staxos. “By linking carrier API’s to these platforms, we digitally enable wide swaths of enterprise clients with unprecedented adoption rates.”

For example, a large TEM firm can manually process between 20-30K mobility requests per month on behalf of their clients. Large help desks usually manage these requests, with agents monotonously copying and pasting between their internal platform and the carrier’s, creating a conflict between accuracy and speed.

By replacing human manual processes with digital automation, the STAXOS eBonding-as-a-Service solution forces precision, while exponentially increasing handling speed. The most significant wins, however, are a drastic reduction in operating costs, increased SLA performance, and ultimately increased gross margins for their TEM clients.

Historically, carrier API programs operated under a “build it and they will come” philosophy. Unfortunately, many firms lack the expertise, resources, and priority to successfully engineer these APIs, resulting in meager adoption rates.

“We see a big flaw in the ‘build to us’ argument because you are always at the mercy of someone else’s competing priorities,” says Sonenstein. “When you make it work at a minimal effort for the beneficiary, that is when you see adoption take off.”

STAXOS builds and maintains automation to the carrier, making digital more approachable, then extends flexible integration options to its’ partner to meet them where they’re at technically through an “engineer to you” strategy.

“Our first question for our partners is, “What can your platform do out of the box today?” says Christina Faust, Director of Service Delivery at STAXOS. “From there, we work backward, finding the easiest way for them to get requests to us, convert to a successful carrier API call, and deliver the relevant carrier artifacts back.”

These options include flat file transfers, email parsing, API proxy, a web interface, and even a proprietary multi-carrier REST API with a simplified interface, and preconfigured catalogs allowing for one API for all STAXOS supported wireless carriers.

Funding the solution through carrier channel programs, wherever possible, makes this a real win/win for all stakeholders:

  • Enterprise clients get an enhanced digital experience
  • TEM’s see lower operational costs, higher gross margins, and aggressive SLA attainment with little-to-no expenditure
  • Carriers acquire happy enterprise clients requiring less internal account support

“TEM companies are just the beginning for us,” adds Sonenstein. “We are also looking at helping carrier channel partners and other B2B firms directly with our automation. Stay tuned!”

For more information, please contact:

David Sonenstein, EVP STAXOS / (303) 641-4996


STAXOS enables B2B firms to automate back-office operations for enterprise mobility support. STAXOS works with firms that process 20-30K carrier requests per month on behalf of their clients, replacing human processes with automation, forced precision, increased handling speed, reduced operating costs, increased SLA performance, and ultimately increased client gross margins. STAXOS links carrier API’s to common enterprise-adopted platforms, resulting in unprecedented digital adoption rates.

About Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase:

Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase supports our ongoing mission of matching high-potential communications start-ups with strategic-fitting telcos, vendors, investors, and potential partners.

About Telecom Council:

Telecom Council is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. Through online and offline meetings, introductions, and matchmaking, we present global communication service providers and vendors to the innovations that are pushing the industry forward – by connecting telcos, vendors, and investors from across the globe to start-ups, new technologies, and entrepreneurs. Since 2001, our monthly meetings have introduced over 2000 executives, from 500 communication companies, and over 50 carriers, in-person and virtually. Visit us online to attend a meeting, learn about membership, apply to pitch, sponsor a topic, or host a meeting.

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